Reformatted New Testament

I’m happy to announce that the Reformatted New Testament is now available.

The main text uses the Joseph Smith Translation (also known as the Inspired Version). One key goal was to highlight the differences between the KJV and the JST. Many of these changes are trivial, and another goal of the project is to improve readability. So rather than showing all of the changes I only highlight ones where the meaning was significantly changed. For example:


And blessed are all they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness


Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness

Those verses are essentially the same, so the changes are not shown.

In this example, from Matthew 13, we have textual additions indicated with a solid underline, and textual changes shown with a dotted underline, with the KJV text in the margin.

As with the other Reformatted Scriptures, you can download the PDF for free and printed copies are available from Lulu Printing.

Head over to the Reformatted Scriptures page to download the PDF or order a printed copy.