Reformatted New Testament

I’m happy to announce that the Reformatted New Testament is now available.

The main text uses the Joseph Smith Translation (also known as the Inspired Version). One key goal was to highlight the differences between the KJV and the JST. Many of these changes are trivial, and another goal of the project is to improve readability. So rather than showing all of the changes I only highlight ones where the meaning was significantly changed. For example:


And blessed are all they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness


Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness

Those verses are essentially the same, so the changes are not shown.

In this example, from Matthew 13, we have textual additions indicated with a solid underline, and textual changes shown with a dotted underline, with the KJV text in the margin.

As with the other Reformatted Scriptures, you can download the PDF for free and printed copies are available from Lulu Printing.

Head over to the Reformatted Scriptures page to download the PDF or order a printed copy.

3 thoughts on “Reformatted New Testament

  1. Hi, I purchased all three volumes of your reformatted scriptures from Lulu Press, and I love them! Thank you so much for all your hard work in the compilation and simplification. Yours is so much easier than other published versions to read, study, and write notes & cross-references in the margins. You’ve done a remarkable job. I noticed very few errors. But I thought the following might be helpful to you, in order to fix spelling & punctuation errors in future editions (the “contact” form on this website doesn’t work, or I would have contacted you there). Errors that I noticed:
    Matt 12:42
    2Cor 10:18
    Eph 6:9
    Col 3 heading
    1John 4:21 comma
    LecturesonFaith 2:8 “he” not “I”
    D&C84:64 believeth, not “belietheth”
    D&C105 p.189 Isaac Morley (Lord’s, not Lords)
    p.200 (Twelve Under Condemnation): “some of them dealt equally” shouldn’t contain a comma. Third paragraph shouldn’t have a comma at the end.
    Abraham 3:17 should be
    “do but” not “dobut”
    JS-H 1832 acct (p.293): “And my soul was filled with love and for many days. I could rejoice…” the period in the middle of the sentence is misplaced.
    (p.294): “On the 22nd day of Sept of this same year I obtained the plates—AND THE IN” (should be “and in the”). Same paragraph: “bare” should be “bear”?
    Last paragraph: “When Lord” should be “Then THE Lord”?
    JS-H 1835 acct (p.295): 2nd paragraph “fixed determination I to obtain it, I called”, the “I” after determination should be deleted?
    5th paragraph: “when but was me ditating” should be “but was meditating” (“when” should be deleted? and a space should not appear between “me” and “ditating”?)
    JS-H 1842 acct (p.308): near end of 3rd paragraph, “surround ed” should be “surrounded”.
    4th paragraph: “com manded” should be “commanded” (no space)
    8th paragraph: “with drawn” should be “withdrawn” (no space)
    (next page—p. 309): 3rd paragraph: “unfold ed” should be “unfolded”.

    1. I’m happy to hear someone else is enjoying them.

      I’m amazed you caught some of these – the difference between a colon and a semi-colon…that’s attention to detail! If you find any more, just post them here. I’ve made these corrections to my master versions, so the next edition will include them. Thanks!

      1. I’m amazed at how few mistakes your reformatted scriptures contain. Did you have some help from proofreaders, or did you do the whole thing yourself? Here’s just one more that I noticed, in the Book of Mormon, Mosiah 3:38, “dothdo” should be “doth”.

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