I am indebted to Watcher. The work he has done on the history of the church, the mission of Joseph, and clarifying many of the false doctrines that we have been raised with is invaluable. I had been searching for years, with disconnected pieces of truth, but couldn’t figure out a model to explain the contradictions and put the pieces together. His model gave clarity to confusion, provided a framework upon which to hang all the truths and insights I had gained, and increased my faith in God. He has truly done a great work.

That being said, his latest series, The Doctrine of Nehor, has been troubling. He has espoused theories that I believe contradict scripture and destroy faith in God. One of these being that God created us out of either celestial material, terrestrial material, telestial material, or perdition material, and that despite our best efforts or the infinite sacrifice of Jesus, we cannot ever become more than what we started out as and must return to whatever kingdom we were made from.

As I engage on this next series of posts, it is not my intention to attack Watcher. Watcher has years of writings that support the scriptures. I’d estimate over 95% of what Watcher has taught is consistent with scripture, and I do not want to diminish or damage that in any way. But this small portion that contradicts the scriptures must be challenged. 2 Nephi 28:14 teaches us that during these days of darkness even the “humble followers of Christ…in many instances they do err.” We all make mistakes. That doesn’t make us evil. That doesn’t invalidate all our good works.

But we can’t stick our heads in the sand either. When we see teachings that contradict the scriptures, we need to measure those doctrines against the scriptures. In this case, I fear that these incorrect teachings will damage people’s perception of the credibility of the rest of Watcher’s work. That would be a tragedy, because the overwhelming majority of his work is not only good, but essential.

If you see areas where I am taking scriptures out of context, use the comments to point it out and to quote (not paraphrase) the scriptures that contradict what I am writing. I won’t censor opposing viewpoints. My goal here isn’t to “win”, it’s to find the truth.

One thought on “Disagreement

  1. I have to agree with you in your taking issue with Watcher’s “The Doctrine of Nehor” series. It just doesn’t fit scripturally or otherwise. What a hopeless and degrading existence this puts forth – for God’s children working out their salvation, to be so limited and condemned to a lesser kingdom because we just aren’t made of the right stuff.

    I, too, have enjoyed and appreciated Watcher’s articles and blogs. He has truly blessed my life and enlightened me on many topics. But he needs to be called out on this one.

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